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Welcome to Soul & Heart Online School, you will learn how you can help yourself to feel better and increase your quality of life and how to handle stress and anxiety. You can also learn how to meditate and find, work with, and trust your inner knowledge and reach higher levels of consciousness.

You can become a member and get access to our e-books, videos, online courses and more. All membership materials are updated and expanded regularly.

At Soul & Heart Journey School, we are many holistic healing therapists and teachers who can help you on your journey through life. We also work internationally by request.

Welcome to join us!
// Susanne Jonsson
founder of Soul & Heart Journey School

Live From Your Heart

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Find Your clear path

To personal growth and emotional wellbeing...
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What people are saying...

Best investment for life that I have done!

"I have learned to handle and remove the fears that stopped me in different situations in life. It's a great feeling when you discover that the fear you carried on on has been released! It gives a lot of energy! Nowadays, I can deal with my anxiety and have the tools to deal with my fears. All the energy I put on this, I can now add to those things which matters most in my life instead <3" // Helena Rosander

I received help and tools for, among other things finding my own strength

"Living from the heart has affected not only me but also my family and close friends. As long as I live from the heart, I can opt out of irritation and conflict. It helps us to live in a safe and harmonious existence. I am deeply thankful for these lessons."// Åsa Berquist

Helped me to help myself feel better as a person

"It has helped me to find a solid base to stand on, I have taken some pretty harsh things in recent years. Things that today I can think back on and feel "Wow, that was probably not so bad ..." that I even get a little surprised myself!
The gratitude I feel for this cannot be described in words."// Annelie Gedda


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Join us and become An Online Member and Learn how to

  • Reach inner strength and knowledge and learn to trust it.
  • Cope with stress, anxiety, fears and resistance.
  • Experience inner peace, joy and balance.
  • Live from the heart.
  • Find your life’s purpose


Holistic healing|Online School

We offer plenty of online material for self-study. The training material in the online school will teach you how you can help yourself to feel better and increase your quality of life. You can also learn how to find, work with, and trust your inner knowledge. As an online member you have full access to our self-study archive and you can choose from a variety of formats such as videos, webinars, online courses, e-books, articles, audio files, blogs and newsletters.


Our Fast Growing Community

We invite you to explore our site a little more! There is lots of know-how we share with you and we do it with love.We would be happy if you joined our fast growing community of students, therapists, healers, teachers and other compassionate individuals! We all have the same goal in mind: to learn and expand our knowledge and knowing how to apply it in order to help, heal and make this world a better place for everyone. Join us


Certified Courses (School)

Soul & Heart Journey School (SJ School) is an international school offering certified courses in holistic and alternative healing methods. We work with holistic healing on all levels and advanced higher consciousness training. We welcome students from all over the world to join our certified classes and seminars that are held throughout the year at our headquarters in Sweden. Visit our calendar to see the course schedule.

Treatment & Therapy

SJ School is also a holistic practice and therapy center. Susanne Jonsson – professional healer, teacher and founder of SJ school – and her team of 50 certified therapists offer treatments in energy healing, past life regression, channeling and other alternative therapies.
Always customized to each patients individual needs and their respective health condition.


Animal Communication & Animal Healing

Our certified courses in animal communication and animal healing (beginners to advanced levels) are an effective tool to understand, communicate, work with and heal animals. We also offer animal communication consultations and re-connective healing sessions for animals.


Founder of Soul & Heart Journey School

“It is my passion to help people find their inner knowledge, help them feel better and teach how to live from the heart – in everyday life. My methods of teaching and the techniques you learn at Soul & Heart Journey School are the result of over 20 years experience as a professional healer and are proven to be highly effective. I also teach you how to find your inner knowledge and connect with the collective consciousness, trust it and work with it – with lots of love and respect. For me it is important to teach with common sense, balance and with both feet on the ground.” Susanne Jonsson